Running to represent the communities of Augusta, Belgrade, China, Mt. Vernon, Sidney, and Vassalboro

On the Issues

Supporting Workers
All Maine workers deserve equitable pay and treatment in their workplace, and discrimination that still persists must be addressed to ensure workers can thrive in safe and supportive environments. It is also crucial that our state invests in the infrastructure and educational opportunities necessary to support a growing and robust Maine workforce. Strengthening the rights and protections of workers, by supporting our unions and ensuring access to paid family and medical leave is a necessary step in Maine’s path towards a progressive future.

“They call nurses and doctors heroes, and I appreciate that, but there are so many people within the healthcare system that are owed a huge debt of gratitude and deserve more support.”Storme St. Valle

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Maine’s hospitals faced numerous unprecedented challenges. Staffing shortages, lack of equipment, and limited resources highlighted the dire need for greater investment in Maine’s healthcare system. Now more than ever, it is imperative that Maine invests in training programs for healthcare professionals such as home health aides and CNAs that support and care for Mainers every day. Recognizing and supporting the crucial work that our healthcare workers do every day will ensure that Maine will be ready for the future.

If lawmakers are serious about investing in the future of our communities, expanding access to educational opportunities is where we need to start. That means investing more resources in CTE programs, trade schools, and ensuring that students can afford to succeed after obtaining their degree. Governor Janet Mills recently signed LD 1709 – “An Act to Promote Homeownership by Minimizing Education Debt,” an innovative and progressive means of addressing the issues that stem from the burden of student loans and debt.

Studies show that people benefit from living in their own homes, and increased funding for programs that support in-home healthcare will benefit Maine’s aging population. When people work their whole lives, save their money, and look to live comfortably in their retirement we must ensure that they receive all of the support they need. 

In Maine, the price of housing has risen dramatically, and it has become far too expensive and too frequently unattainable to working-class Mainers. If we want to strengthen Maine’s economy, build a robust workforce, and support our communities, safe and affordable housing should be one of Maine’s biggest priorities. Lawmakers recently approved a plan to build 1,000 housing units per year over the next two decades in order to address the roughly 20,000 Mainers currently living without housing. We can’t afford to wait 20 years. Our community members need our support now. More should be done to increase the state’s investment in affordable housing.

“Every Mainer deserves equal opportunity for and access to progress and prosperity.” Storme St. Valle

About Storme

Putting Community First.

Storme St. Valle was born in Guyana, and immigrated to the United States with his mother at the age of 9. He became a U.S. citizen at age 12, and moved to Maine when he was 19 to attend college.

Storme and his wife Abbie met in 2010 while attending the University of Maine Orono. After graduating in 2013 with a bachelors degree in psychology, he attended the University of Maine at Fort Kent and received his BSN in 2019. Storme and Abbie got married in the winter of 2015 and settled down in Augusta where they purchased their first home together, and in 2020 they welcomed their first born son, Khari. In March, Storme left his job at Riverview Psychiatric Center to start his run for office.

Today, Storme works as an RN in the acute psychiatric unit of Maine Medical, and Abbie serves as an Augusta City Councilor and community activist. This dynamic duo cares deeply about their community, and Storme has decided to run for State Senate to bring Progress and Prosperity to the people of Maine Senate District 15!

Why I’m Running

As an RN, I was forced to witness firsthand the effects that the COVID-19 Pandemic had on my community. People that had lost their jobs, families that couldn’t afford to keep a roof over their heads, and seniors who had been isolated from their families were forced into crowded hospitals that were not equipped with the resources, training, or technology to treat the Mainers in the most need. In March of 2022, I resigned from my position at the Psychiatric Center because I couldn’t continue to watch my community struggle to recover. The people of Augusta, Belgrade, China, Mt. Vernon, Sydney, Vasselboro, and every town in Maine deserve elected leaders who will fight to address the issues that are impacting Mainers every day. I am running for greater investments in critical housing infrastructure, greater protections for the rights of workers including equitable and adequate compensation, more support for students pursuing post-secondary education and graduates balancing student loan debts, and for the Mainers who deserve to retire in comfort, at their homes, with their families. I am running for my community, for my wife, Abbie and my son, Khari, and I am running for Progress and Prosperity for every Mainer. 


Reagan Lorechelle,
Augusta City Councilor
and State Representative for House District 86

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